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What you don’t see

December 1, 2012

There is a common “truth” that joins us all. This is described in as many ways as there are people trying to describe it. Expression is the language of this truth, ambiguous and piercing. I cannot always put it into words, and my current capabilities will not allow me to paint you a picture. But the need for me to express is as basic and strong as my will to breathe. If my work can compel one other person to gain but a heartbeats view of the truth I see, then I will have surpassed all that I had hoped to achieve in my time here.

Quirky as it may be, I believe that even in our conscious state we are not aware of ourselves at all times. There are many moments throughout any day when we retreat to a place other that the one we hold in common. Here and not here, black and white, positive and negative. My current work plays not only on what it is I want you to see but also leaves blanks to be filled in. There is an interpretive interaction required for the viewer to finish my sentence; imposing a little of themselves into what they see and think they see.


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